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                       "PEOPLE DON'T PLAN TO FAIL - THEY FAIL TO PLAN"                                       


     Life Insurance

The puzzling picture of Life Insurance is one, even agents sometimes have problems with.The bottom line is, that every one needs some type of Insurance in case of the Unforseen Event !

It is better to acquire Insurance in the early years of your life, based on the facts that "Pre-Existing Conditions" are not excluded from Life Insurance Underwriting. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Strokes or Amputations etc.can cause rates to accelerate!

Premiums  also change as a person ages, the risk of death increases . The later in Life you acquire Life Insurance,  the more costly and difficult the choices become. Term Life, Whole Life or Universal Life are only some of the types.To make the "Right Choice Is Imperative"!  Group Coverage is also available for employers.

At Warren Foster Insurance Services We Will Take Time To Educate You, So You Can Make The Best Choice Possible !





College Planning

All parents have the dream of sending their children   to College. Nevertheless with the way TUITIONS and EXPENSES have risen, this Item has become the  "most costly" to hit the Family Budget  today.                $30,000.00 to $50,000.00 per year is out of reach for many families. But immediate planning and commitment can provide  success in  facing the growing cost of a 4 year College Plan. Of course there is some help in the way of Scholarships and Grants,      which can buffer and help, but regardless the bottom line is:

" It Will Take Money" !

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