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Everyone feels, that Retirement is a "Given"! The Dream is, that we will work long enough, to build up a comfortable Retirement with a substantial amount to last us through the final years.  This has has turned    into  a disaster for many people as low interest rates, declining stocks, possible loss of a job etc. effects   many of us these days! Most Baby Boomers have assets ranging only from 25,000.00 to 100,000.00 Dollars which makes them largely unprepared for retirement.  Are You Prepared ?

It is best to set up a supplemental pension plan, that YOU control and deposit to on a regular basis. Profit Sharing Plans and the assortment of other Employee Based Pension Plans can sometimes come up short !

Plan With Warren Foster Insurance Services For A Happy Retirement !

Pre - Need Services

The necessity for  Pre - Need stands for itself!

Many people  discount the importance of these services. However at the time of the loss of a Loved One , things most often turn up- side- down quickly.  Each family member may have a different idea of what the deceased may have wanted, throwing things in to a stall.  With Pre-Need  items such as Place Of Burial, Casket Type, Place Of Service,  Funeral Style and many other details can be pre- arranged.  Having to make complex decisions at the time of the loss of a Spouse, Child or other Loved One is not only devastating, but  magnified  by depression, can be  unbelievably stressfull ! Having endured such a loss myself, I know the advantages of a Pre- Need  Solution ! We also offer Final Expense Plans, which will offer you freedom of choice. Other services are available !

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